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BRC-20 protocol with BRC20BOT

Utility solutions


Completely free of fee and intermediate forwarders

Rich Inscribe Features

Four different wallets for different use cases

In-bot wallet management

Bridge to or from Bitcoin and bridge to ORDI

Three bridge modes

Supporting up to 10 chains with more than 30 coins

Example of bridge

Four main sections with more than 30 sub sections

First look

Deposit, Withdraw or verify your tokens holding

Wallet management

Done under 10 seconds with safety checks included

Fast mint/snipe tokens

Deploy with one interaction. Safety checks included

Deploy in a second!
Brief Introduction

What is BRC20 BOT ?

Utilizing the Ordinal and Inscriptions, we can inscribe meta data to individual SATs. These metadata can then be indexed off-chain. BRC20 is a protocol that determines the structure of these metadata and the way they must be parsed and indexed off-chain.

BRC20 BOT is a dynamic project focused on the evolving BRC20 ecosystem. Our bot provides a range of utilities designed to enhance the experience for its users, catering to their needs within this specific blockchain environment. All of it, for free.


Made on top of BRC-20 Protocol

Latest Blockchain Technology

Total supply

Our token launch was stealth and the entire supply was added to the LP


Total users

Our bot has been welcomed by users and influencers, and we are making rapid progress



We are proud of having a growing community with more and more holders everyday



were made since the launch through our bot; for interactions such as mint/deploy inscriptions


We develop the native Bitcoin tools

You can explore our features using our Telegram bot.

We are actively developing the bot to add new features


Bot users

Frequently asked questions